Is this your first startup?

If so, there’s a good chance that you need some help refining your business model and your overall digital strategy.

My name is Mario Peshev and I’ve started Beta Testers Hub as a complimentary project for DevriX, my agency of 25 building high-scale applications and positioning them on the map. I’ve been in the digital industry since 1999 when I built my first website. Over the past 12 years I’ve led several teams, worked with over 300 customers, presented at dozens of conference, trained 80 courses, formed several startups and built DevriX from the ground.

I specialize in:

  1. creating digital strategies for businesses
  2. helping them out to plan and build their online presence
  3. crafting a prosperous revenue model
  4. defining their buyer persona
  5. researching their competitors and outlining possible unique benefits
  6. identifying promotional channels

Ongoing advisory and mentorship is essential, but laying out the foundations is important from day 1. Here are some of my consulting clients’ reviews after a single phone call with me:

“Quite a good call. Mario bracketed the issues really quickly and then gave me project suggestions that I could understand. I’m not saying I’m slow, but Mario just has a clear way of expressing things, to the point where I’m going to be able to plug things right into my project. I’m finding that Clarity is becoming a kind of board of directors that helps me make smarter decisions *before* I spend money, instead of after.” – Paul MacMartin

“Mario is an expert in growth strategy and he knows his stuff well.” – Chintan Thakkar

“Great advice, was worth every second!” – Peter Hadorn

“Excellent advice by Mario. He is quite knowledgeable on the WordPress domain. He shared his strategies that we can apply to grow our business. I would definitely be seeking his advice in the longer run again.” – Neeraj Agarwal

“Mario had some great ideas about how to optimize our website to help increase our conversion rate. He really takes his time to explain things.” – Jeff Deutsch

“I contacted Mario for advice about web hosting requirements for my high-traffic website. He gave me excellent advice and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his consultations.” – Kris Gunnars

I’ve been helping out on Quora and sharing business and technical advice on my blog and in our business section at DevriX.

I am available for consulting activities on Clarity or you can reach out for monthly advisory as well. Find out how you can increase your exposure, grow your traffic and maximize the potential of your digital market.