Not sure whether your product is a good fit, or how to become a beta tester? Let’s answer some questions.

For Startups

What sort of products can I post to Beta Testers Hub?

We don’t limit the submissions by product type. You could submit your website, mobile application or desktop app as well. Just keep in mind that web applications are more common since it’s easier for users to sign up and start playing with, and there are no technical constraints (such as: operating system or device). You can still submit them though.

What should be the state of my product prior to submission?

The best product to submit is a pre-launch one or at least an MVP. It should be usable, with the main features working properly.

Imagine that you’re doing a soft-launch and you know that there are some rough edges, but it’s working for most people and you want to find the edge cases. It’s a good place to validate your idea and see whether you lack essential features, or you need some UI overhaul to make it usable.

What do I need to provide to my users?

Essentially it’s what you will offer your target group. Our beta testers need to play with your product and service, therefore a link with a signup form or a downloadable resource of the beta product are the ways to go. We would certainly advise you to draft a quick guide for your testers, explaining your product, what’s in there, what’s the status of it right now and what are you after. Also, a support forum or a ticketing system for feedback is pretty much a must, in order for you to fix your bugs reported by the folks, and accept new feature requests.

The complete process is also covered in our Submissions and Guidelines page.

For Beta Testers

Are there any limitations to what I can test?

No. We will send regular newsletters with the latest products, and you can apply for each one of them if you like ’em all!

Am I getting paid for testing?

Not directly. The startups that we feature will decide what would be the reward for your testing. Usually it’s a free lifetime license for you, or other online goodies related to the company. Some of the startups could feature their best testers and implement some of the suggested features.

You can brag about being one of the early adopters of a product, and your opinion matters way more. Also, as a startup grows, a smart business decision is hiring people who are already acquainted with the product, so you stand a good chance here.