For Startups

Your startup is doing great so far, you are excited and almost ready to go. But you haven’t really proven the idea or tested it in practice!

Beta Testers Hub can link you to early adopters willing to give your product or service a shot. Treat them well and offer some free licenses or additional bonuses – they will become a part of your family, guide you through the passage of the users mindmap, and reveal numerous possibilities to make your product much better and usable.

From then on, you’ll be much more attracting when you do your official launch.

Not to mention that you’ll already have some user base, existing feedback and maybe even testimonials from your first users?

Don’t miss on that opportunity. Pitch us with your product or service and we can share it with our Beta Testers team. See the FAQ section if you’re not sure whether your startup is a good fit, and our Submissions and Guidelines page with tips and tricks about submitting your startup application.