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Beta testing could be awesome. You can help new products and services by providing valuable feedback and directions. Startup owners have their own ideas, but you, their potential customer, have your own needs and ideas.

By joining the Beta Testers Hub you can:

  • get acquainted with new services in products during their beta testing period
  • book your early seat for great online solutions
  • get a free lifetime or incredibly low-cost license for anything you test
  • possibly get a special “Thanks” by the product owners on their website
  • navigate the product future!

That’s right – since products and services depend on their users and customers, you, being one of the first of that kind, can dictate what is about to happen. The early adopters can suggest user interface improvements, additional features and enhancements. Some of these would probably be implemented thanks to you.

Also, being one of the first behind a project, you can reserve your special place for the future. If the startup is backed by investors, you could potentially join it since you’ve been there early in the process and you know the product well enough. No promises – it all depends on the owners and the future of the products, but who knows?

If you got excited by the opportunities, join Beta Testers Hub now:

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