Thank You For Your Great Support!

Our Product Hunt launch was incredible – over 100 startups and 600 beta testers joined our community.

Just a week after Beta Testers Hub has been created we have a long queue of companies ready to share their MVPs and beta product versions to a small group of testers. We are thrilled and are already contacting the startup owners and reps, setting up a process for applications.

Special “thanks” go to:

  • Radoslav from Product Hunt who believed in our idea before we went “live”
  • Product Hunt for featuring it which resulted in about 4K unique visitors and over 7 thousand page views over the past two days
  • All of the incredible enthusiasts who joined our Beta Testers community
  • Each and every startup ready to share their product with the target group at BTH
  • All hunters and twitter rockstars who shared our journey with their friends
  • Our colleagues at DevriX who helped with the service idea, design and testing
  • SiteGround for handling the traffic spikes (especially during the first 30-60min post-launch)

Due to the increased interest from product and service owners, we will release our regular newsletter twice a week over the next few weeks in order to be able to promote all of the qualified startups who applied for a test run with our community.

Our startup application guidelines is be up now as well. We are polishing the process about contacting our network of testers.

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